Essential Medicine (Part II)


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    • This book provides student, healthcare providers & practitioners with ample knowledge needed to understand & manage diseases in hospitals or primary care center. It covers important theoretical & clinical knowledge of common clinical disease.

      This essential handbook is one concise & comprehensive handbook which covers most topics in clinical diseases especially in Malaysia setting.

      Book specifications:

      1. Cover: paper back ivory 310 gsm with blind emboss + cover flip
      2. Swiss-style, open bind
      3. Size: 100mm x 180mm (portable handbook size)
      4. Pages: 580 pages for Part I & 560 pages for Part II
      5. Content: color content, algorithms, tables, charts, illustrations
      6. Weight: 0.4 kg each book

      Suitable for:

      1. For medical students
      2. For healthcare providers & junior doctors
    • Book Part II

      1. Gastroenterology
      2. Hepatobiliary
      3. Hematology
      4. Neurology
      5. Neurosurgery
      6. Tropical Medicine
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    Concise handbook for students & medical doctors

    This small handbook provide you with ample knowledge on common clinical diseases found throughout your daily life working as a doctor or as when you are learning throughout your years in university. It presents the information in a well design package of handbook; it contains concise points by points information, flowcharts, illustrations & tables to help you to understand diseases better.


    • Concise, simple & comprehensive details on diseases
    • Non-compromise size for ease of portability in daily routine life in wards & clinics
    • Clear algorithm & beautiful illustrations to help you understand disease better
    • Providing latest up-to-date details on treatment & management
    • Various reputable sources & references from international medical societies, guidelines & academy
    • Content compiled, edited & developed by fellow doctors
    • Covering almost all common diseases in each body systems
    • Caters for medical field in primary care center, hospitals & universities in Malaysia

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