Essential Algorithm in Clinical Medicine



Expected to be release Quarter 2, 2017. Follow us on facebook & instagram for further updates!

  • Flowcharts, infographic & illustrations of common clinical diseases to guide you in the treatment of patients in hospitals & primary care center.

    It contains all the important international & generally consensus guidelines in managing diseases in Malaysia.

    Walkthrough the images to help you get the idea of what this precious handbook offers you.

  • Common disease algorithm for each following systems:

    1. Cardiology
    2. Respiratory
    3. Nephrology & Urology
    4. Neurology
    5. Gastroenterology
    6. Hepatobiliary
    7. Tropical medicine
    8. Hematology
    9. Misc topics
    1. Book size: 100mm x 180mm
    2. Pages: 100 pages
    3. Content: color content with illustrations, flowcharts, infographics & table
    4. Hard cover with blind emboss
    5. Swiss-style binding
    6. Weight: 0.30 kg

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